Hand crafted, hand painted original wooden designs

About the artist


Besides long experience with oils and water colors, Tom Donalson's artistic background includes creating program covers, brochures, posters, sets and scenery for Opera Modesto. He has created safety posters for Macy's stores and backgrounds for photographers and designs for theme parties at a country club. He designed the shoulder patches for Modesto Police Department and designed the cloisonne' enameled pin for the department's Continuing Innovation Program.


Tom's latest creativity is woodworking with hand drawn designs etched with a wood burner and then hand painted in brilliant colors. Currently his work consists of very popular serving trays, recipe boxes, highly useful kitchen utensil boxes, eyeglass caddies, cutting boards, makeup brush holders, memento boxes and many other made to order original designs.

.Hand crafted, hand painted art and designs on original wooden creations